Monday, February 17, 2014

Great Monday

Today was really a great day. The weekend was great, but very very long. We went on our second marriage retreat, and had a ton of fun! But wow, it is different with a baby. At the last marriage retreat we went to, we spent every break between sessions having "us" time. We went back to our room, or down to the pool, or wherever we wanted... This time, it was fighting the urge to check on the baby, trying to get the baby to nap, and trying to calm her down from her latest panic attack. Miss A did not like being away from us in a strange place. I felt terrible for having to leave her so much. Having a young toddler at a marriage retreat definitely changed the game for us.

Once we were home and settled, Miss A snapped out of her funk and was great. Today, we spent the day in Savannah updating our wardrobes. We got so many great deals. Old Navy was having a 30% off everything sale, but some things were even more on sale than that. Aeropostale had great sales too. We ended up saving literally 50% in that store. I ended up with quite a few shirts, a few dresses, a new swimsuit, and some tank tops. Hubs got a few new pairs of jeans, and a whole load of new shirts. I also got a bunch of new office supplies to get me organized since I'm now officially a business owner!

After an extremely successful day of shopping, we made it home just in time for me to go to my last  photo shoot before I head to Michigan. It was great. Every shoot I do, I reconfirm my passion for this field of work.

I'm now exhausted. Tomorrow is packing day! I'm nowhere near ready for this trip to Michigan, but I'm so excited to go. I feel awful for taking Miss A away from her daddy for two weeks, but I know that the rest of our families are elated to see her again.

Well, I'm off to try to catch up on a little sleep before a super busy day tomorrow!

God Bless ♥ V