Friday, April 25, 2014

Blogger Fail

I'm the world's worst blogger, I swear. April, where have you gone?

Okay! So, here's a quick recap of the month. We had an absolutely amazing visit with my in-laws. Miss A had so much fun with them. She loves her nana and uncle Wy so much, it kills me that they're so far away.

Hubs has been gone since shortly before my in-laws arrived, so Miss A has been having some rough days. I try really really hard not to complain about field time, since it's part of this life and I've known it's been coming... but dang is it hard to bite my tongue sometimes. It's been rough. Field time is 10x worse with a little one at home who constantly asks for daddy. At least 50 times every day, I get asked where daddy is. It's tough. 

We're finally closing in on the end of field time (thank God!), just in time for me to pack up to leave for Washington and Colorado. I can't believe we have less than two weeks until my trip. I'm so excited to see friends I haven't seen in months. This trip should be an amazing life experience.

Other than that, life is pretty normal. Miss A and I have been spending lots of mommy-daughter time together. I love spending quality time with her. 

Well, that's all! I'm off to finish up school work for the week. Only one week of classes, and finals left until I have a two week break before summer semester!

God Bless ♥ V