Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lil' Mama

It's about time I blogged again. I know a few of my readers will be especially excited. We have a month and two weeks until Miss A is two. I'm in complete disbelief. It honestly amazes me how quickly this year has flown by.

So, about the title. I've never really cared for the nickname "lil mama" for babies/toddlers, but lately... that's exactly what Miss A is. I'm so tickled by her obsession with her baby dolls. She got one for her birthday last year that gives kisses when you wave in front of it. She loves it, and always takes the hat on and off (photo from a few months ago).

Since her obsession with this baby has grown more and more lately, we decided to get her another baby to take on our trip to MI this weekend. I wanted to get her something without batteries (or sound) for the trip, since she knows how to turn this one on and off. Here's her reaction to getting a new baby: 

I'd say we have a winner. She's completely in love with this baby. We left Target around 3:00 yesterday, and she didn't put Baby down until she went to bed at 8:30. This baby has a bottle to feed, so Adalin makes sure she gets "milk" ever hour or two. She rocks Baby to sleep, burps her, and dances with her. It's just about the cutest thing ever.

I'm excited to be flying together as a family for the first time this weekend. Though Miss A and I will be flying back solo, the trip to Michigan will be one for the books. It's going to be so much different having someone else (who I've known for more than 2 minutes) to help with Miss A on the flight, and to help carry our things from gate to gate. I have no doubts that this travel experience will be one for the books. I plan on taking (and using) my camera throughout our flights. I'm so excited to have the Mister with us! 

Here's to hoping that I'll actually update again before week's end, or at least month's end ;)

God Bless ♥ V