Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trying Dairy Again

Back in May, Miss A was very sick, which caused her to become lactose intolerant. After puking constantly for almost a month, her doctor explained that her body was stripped of all the bacteria and other things it needed to digest dairy, specifically lactose.

We've been extremely careful these past six months, giving her Lactaid and other substitutes we've found. We also found Lactaid pills that she can take when we wanted to spoil her with pizza or something else cheesy. We tried hard not to do this too often, as I really don't like giving her medicine when we can avoid it... but the poor kid loves pizza, and how can I say no to her big beautiful eyes?

She's been doing great with this routine. She knows "Chocolate makes me sick," and will tell everyone, all the time. She understands really well when we tell her she can't have something because it will make her sick, and usually doesn't throw too much of a fuss.

Last week, I was feeling seven kinds of sick. A head cold seriously got the best of me, and I fell asleep right after making dinner. I usually cook with Go Veggie cheese, but I didn't have any mozzarella on hand so I used regular cheese. I had planned to give Miss A a Lactaid pill, but was asleep when Jimmy fixed her plate. He'd assumed that I cooked with the Go Veggie like I usually do, and didn't give her medicine. She was fine!

We're still unsure of how much she ate, and I've read that heavily processed, and heavily cooked dairy is easier to process than just plain milk, which was good for this case. Either way, she ate it and didn't seem to have any repercussions. A few days later, we decided to test the waters again with some alfredo made with normal milk instead of Lactaid. She seemed to do just fine again. I know she didn't eat quite as much of this as she normally does, but again it was probably a good thing. Last night, we test the waters even farther: Little Caesar's pretzel pizza, with cheese sauce and cheese. If anything was going to do it over for her, this was it. She was a little gassy last night, but didn't seem to feel bad and didn't have any issues through the night.

I am going to take it easy with her over the weekend to make sure her system is keeping up. Next week she's got an appointment to discuss the "proper" way to reintroduce lactose after this long. I'm really excited that we might be closing this chapter. I'll probably still use veggie cheese when cooking just because a few extra veggies never hurt anyone, but it is so nice to know that I'm not going to hospitalize my child if she gets hold of a chocolate chip cookie.

God Bless ♥ V