Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Pressure is On

As I sit here, almost 21 weeks pregnant, I can't help but feel like the pressure is on to get everything done and ready. I'm not sure if it's because we found out 8 weeks ago that our baby is a boy (and we didn't find out until 20 weeks with Miss A), or what it is... but I feel like there's just not enough time. I know I should still have at least 16 weeks (hopefully closer to 18 or 19) to get everything prepped and ready, but this week I've been feeling in a rush.

We have decided to cloth diaper this baby from the start. With Miss A, we started at about 16 months, so the newborn and baby phases are new to me. Since Miss A was a big baby, I haven't purchased too many newborn diapers yet. We're planning on using prefolds as the bulk of our stash at the start, but then use pockets and all-in-ones once he is big enough to fit them comfortably. I've got a pretty decent stash of those, but haven't bought the prefolds yet. Here's a breakdown of our cloth stash so far:

I mentioned in my 20 week bumpdate that we decided to convert the current guest room into the nursery, and keep my office in tact. While I'm very happy to still have a designated place to work and bring clients, I'm rather anxious about finding space for all the stuff in the guest room. We haven't yet decided whether we're getting rid of the bed or just putting it in storage. Another big problem we're running into is Gunner's kennel. He's still not quite trustworthy enough to be left loose regularly while we're not home, and his kennel is in the guest room. I don't want to leave it in there once it's converted to the nursery, but I really don't want to put him in the garage either. I'm hoping we can work on trusting him more over the next few months and be able to nix the kennel all together, but we'll see.

I'm also feeling six kinds of disorganized with Baby James's clothes. With Miss A, we had tubs labeled with each size, and a chart of how many of everything we had. This one? A bag in the garage, a bag in the guest room, and some clothes on the way from Carter's. I don't know what sizes we have a lot of, and what we still need. I don't know how many sleepers, onesies, or anything else we have. All I really know is that the coming home outfits are ordered (one in newborn, and one in three months in case he's a giant).

I did start our baby registry on Amazon (and if you use that link, a portion of your purchase supports an animal shelter in Michigan. I love Amazon Smile!). There's not a ton on it, but it's a start. I love that I can use this to keep myself somewhat organized with what's on our wants and needs list, as well as a visual guide for everything, theme wise.

I know that it's still early to have all this done, but I look at everything we've got going on the next few months and I can't help but panic a little. April: family and friends visiting for the majority of the month. I'm SO excited to be seeing these people, but I know that nursery progress will not start until after May. May: Graduation from Southern and a trip to Savannah, and hopefully going to Michigan for a few weeks to celebrate a wedding. June: The wedding and coming back home. At that point, I'll already be 34 weeks, just six weeks away from my due date. On top of these big events, I have everyday school work and housework, as well continuing to try and launch my business here.

I feel like the next few months are going to fly. I'm feeling emotional that these next few months will be all that's left of only-childhood. I know that a sibling is a blessing, I have a pretty great little brother, but I will miss our mommy-daughter times. I'm sure that we'll still have girls' days out, and times that my husband and I both take her out by herself. I'm anxious to see how she handles having a sibling. She's very affectionate to the belly most of the time, but she does have the occasional "I want to jump on it" moments. I'm hopeful that she'll take all this in stride, as we're doing as much as we can to prepare her for the road ahead. She's a smart and tough cookie, and I know she'll be a compassionate big sister to boot.

Well, I'm off to go get some toddler cuddles before nap time. This mama has a lot on her to-do list this afternoon, and I'm feeling a little bad about not letting Miss A be the center of attention much this morning.

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria