Thursday, May 28, 2015

Traveling in the Third Trimester

We made it to Michigan! I'm so excited to be here and so happy to be out of the truck. With my first pregnancy, we found out at 20 weeks that Miss A was high risk, and that I wouldn't be allowed to travel more than a few hours from the hospital, especially not after 28 weeks. This meant not going home to see family like we usually do in the summer, and not going home when the mister was away for a month long training.

This pregnancy, everything has been checking out normally, so I got "permission" to travel until 34 weeks! They didn't recommend flying, which wasn't an option for us anyway since finding a kennel big enough for a great dane that was airline friendly would cost more than building a barn ;) Not really, but driving with two dogs is much easier than trying to fly. We planned our trip around this cut off, which worked out perfectly to be able to come home for a wedding in the family.

The biggest concern my doctors stressed to me is the risk of clotting. Since blood clots are more likely to happen during pregnancy (source here), they really pushed the importance of getting out of the truck and walking frequently. Since pregnancy bladder doesn't exactly allow me to go more than 3 hours without peeing, ever, it wasn't too much of an inconvenience to have to stop every two hours to stretch my legs.

We left our house just after midnight, stopped for my husband to sign out on leave, and officially started the road trip shortly after 1AM. We stopped around 3:30 for caffeine (not for me) and a pee break. Around 5:00 or so, we stopped again to switch drivers. I only drove for about an hour or so before my eyelids were dangerously heavy, so we switched again around 6:30. Hubs was able to drive for quite a while on that stretch, having us stop around 9:00 for breakfast and gas. Miss A got car sick around that time, so a stop was definitely necessary to clean her up, and the rest of the truck. We let the dogs out this stop, and I walked quite a bit. We drove from around 9:30 until close to noon for a lunch break. I drove again for a little over an hour later in the afternoon. I think we ended up stopping seven or eight times during the 17 hours that we on the road. After getting stuck in a traffic jam in Nashville, and getting slowed down by construction and rain in Indiana, we made pretty great time overall.

The worst part of the trip for me was getting comfortable. I have a hard time sitting in the car as it is, but being 32 weeks pregnant definitely added a decent amount of discomfort. My hips would get extremely tense, and my legs would get restless. I also did notice that if I sat funny, my arms or hands would go numb more quickly than normal. I did a lot of stretching at each stop, and made sure to drink a decent amount. Through the whole trip, I drank a little over 45 ounces of water and a can of ginger ale. I definitely chugged lots of water once we got to our destination.

Having been here for over 12 hours now, I'm still definitely exhausted, but doing well. My hands and feet are a bit puffy, but overall I'm feeling pretty normal. I hope to do a lot more walking today to get everything loosened back up. I am so thankful to have a few weeks before we have to make the trip back. Here's to a great time in Michigan, and a hope that adding two weeks of growing to this belly of mine doesn't make the trip home any more miserable ;)

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria