Monday, June 22, 2015

One Month with Fitbit

I've had my Fitbit Flex and I'm still loving it. Now that the initial excitement has worn off and I have a more accurate picture of my daily activity level, I'm starting to see the benefits of having an activity tracker.

My favorite feature is the step counter. Fitbit's default "goal" is 10,000 steps per day, per recommendation from the American Heart Association. I lowered my personal goal to 7,500 steps since it seemed a little more attainable, especially while pregnant. While I still don't hit that goal most days, it's a good striving point.

I really like using the Fitbit over the pedometer on my phone, especially because I rarely care my phone with me while I'm at home (which is most of the time). I usually leave my phone on the couch or the counter most of the day. My phone says around 500 steps, when my Fitbit says 5,000.

I've found that my daily average is a little over 5,000 steps. Even though I always strive to reach that 7,500 step mark every day, I really push to get above my daily average even if it's only by a few steps. Here's what the past month looks like for me:

The last 30 days' daily average was 5,239. The highest day (just over 10,000 steps) was when we went to the zoo while visiting in Michigan. The lowest day was the day after we got back from Michigan and travel had completely wiped me out. It's interesting to see how different things affect my activity levels. 

Another favorite feature is the sleep tracker. To say the least, it's been eye opening. I am usually in bed for about 9 hours, but only get 7-8 hours of sleep. Here is my monthly sleep trend: 

My daily average for the past month was 7.3 hours per night. The past week or so I've been averaging closer to 8, but while we were in Michigan I was closer to six. That super low night was our trip up to Michigan. That's what sleep in a car looks like ;)

I usually wake up 3-4 times per night to pee, and another 10 times or so due to restlessness. According to these reports, I spend about an hour every night "awake," even though I may just be tossing and turning.

I'm excited to see what the next month looks like for me, both for steps and sleep. Today marks one month until my due date, so sleep is getting harder and harder to achieve. This southern heat has been brutal these past few weeks, so I really don't want to get out and be active, but I'm trying to push myself as much as I can so I stay in at least a half decent physical state for labor.

I'll also be using the Fitbit to keep track of my postpartum fitness. I will definitely keep you all posted!

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria