Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baby J: Five Weeks Old

Baby J: Little man is weighing in around 11 pounds, and is turning into quite the boob man. He loves to nurse, all the time. He is sleeping pretty well at night, and farts like a grown man. He's happiest in the morning, and is pretty grouchy from 8-10 almost every night. He's still in 3 month clothing, but I think those days are coming to an end pretty soon. Sleepers are getting tight, and some onesies aren't fitting like they used to already. He's becoming a lot more expressive and vocal too! 

Milestones: In the last week, little man had his first x-ray, and renal scan. There has been concerns about his kidneys being dilated more than "normal," so the doctors wanted to get more tests done. All the tests came back either normal, or close to normal, which means no surgery or more tests for a while. One doctor wants to wait to repeat tests until a year, but also to keep him on antibiotics for a whole year... Another wants to repeat the tests at six months to see if he's made improvement.

Miss A: This week has been slightly better than last week when it comes to behavior, but she's still not back to our sweet girl quite yet. She still tries to push the limits, and intentionally breaks the rules and tattles on herself. Hopefully she's on the right path back to her sweet self! She is definitely a big helper when I need a burp rag, paci, or something else like that.

Nursing: We've officially made it over a month! We're past the point of bleeding and sore nipples, engorgement, and all the other struggles the first month brought us. He still spits up a lot, partially due to a fast letdown, but we're working through it. He did finally drink from a bottle this week as well! 

Weight Loss: I finally lost another pound, having 3 pounds to go to pre-baby weight. I would like to lose at least 15 more, but hopefully closer to 25 to get to my final goal weight. I did start mild workouts this week, so I'm hoping that helps me tone up and lose some more.

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria