Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Baby J: Three Weeks Old

Here's our three week update!

Baby J
: Little man is up to 9lbs 2oz as of yesterday. He's gaining weight like a champ, probably because he loves to eat. We had been dealing with some pretty intense spit-up for the last week or so, and got a formal diagnosis of reflux yesterday morning. Last night was a hundred times better than previous nights, so it's safe to say that the baby Zantac is helping him already. Here's to hoping it will give him some comfort, even if it doesn't stop the spit-up. 

Milestones: In the past week, Baby J went to the commissary for the first time, slept for almost 5 hours straight once, and has grown into one size cloth diapers! He also went to church for the first time, and slept through the whole service. It was amazing being back at church after almost a month of being absent. We attempted giving him his first bottle, but he wasn't having it. So for now, he's strictly on mama. 

Miss A: She is doing so well with him still. We have had a steady stream of visitors in the house until today, so this week will be the real trial to see how she's adjusting. She is still super obsessed with "her baby" and always wants to hold and snuggle him. She is a great helper getting the paci for us if he's fussing, burp rags when he spits up, and other random things as we ask her. She has truly stepped up to the tasks at hand. She is still a bit rambunctious around him, especially during floor time, but we're all learning together. 

Nursing: As I mentioned, little man was not a fan of the bottle yet. Nursing is going really well. We're finally getting passed the cracked and bleeding nipples and engorgement. I'm still fighting oversupply a bit, but pumping once a day or expressing in the shower has proven sufficient this week. He loves his boobie snuggles after nursing. 

Weight Loss: I've hit a plateau at 27lbs down. I still have about 5lbs to go before pre-baby weight, but I know it will come off with time. I'm really looking forward to being able to work out again. Only a few more weeks!

Feelings: I can't believe how fast things are going. Yesterday at his appointment, the doctor said "Since he's 21 days old..." 21 days?! Let's just stick with three weeks, it sounds like less to me. I can't believe more than 20 days have already passed since little man made his arrival. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation talking, but I just can't get over how quickly time is passing. I've definitely been more emotional with Baby J than I was with Miss A. It's likely since I know what to expect, and how quickly all these "firsts" and "lasts" will come, but I can't help but feel mixed emotions each time he does something new. I'm so proud of this little chunky man, but goodness... Time, slow down. 

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria