Friday, October 02, 2015

Baby J: 10 Weeks Old

I totally dropped the bomb on our actual two month update, so here it is almost two weeks later... Little man's two (and a bit more) months old update!

Baby J: Little man is officially 13 pounds! He's been in six month clothes for about two weeks now. We are starting to get a pretty decent sleep schedule now. He'll usually sleep from 11:00-4/5:00, then nurse for a few minutes, and then sleep til 8 or 9. He usually falls asleep in my arms around 8 or 9 but wants to nurse one more time before he's down for the night. He become incredibly alert and talkative through the day. At a lactation consultant appointment yesterday, she said he has the behavior of a six month old with his curiosity during nursing sessions and in new places (not to mention that he's huge and chunky!).  

Milestones: Last week James started reaching for his toys on his play mat. This week he's gained enough head control to use his Mamas & Papas Baby Snug. Miss A outgrew her Bumbo very quickly, so I thought we'd give this different seat a try with James. So far, we love it! He's also currently napping in his crib. The last few times we've tried this, it's only lasted 10-15 minutes, but we're (a little) past that point right now! (Not two minutes after I typed that... he woke up)

Miss A: She's still quite the helper. This week has been more of an emotional one for her. She has highs and lows, but we're still making progress. She loves to play on the floor with him and talk to him when he gets chatty.  It's very entertaining.

Daddy: We're officially in new territory with Jimmy and James. He'd deployed at this age with Miss A, so he's starting to experience firsts that he didn't get to with her. He's been working on bottle feeding James occasionally, and is having fun playing with him at night when he gets home from work.

Nursing: I'm so happy we've made it this far with minimal problems. As I'd mentioned, we had a lactation consultant appointment yesterday. She said James is growing faster than the expected rate for this age. His latch is pretty good, but we're still fighting a forceful letdown and oversupply. I've been pumping 5-6 extra ounces a day, and have donated part of our freezer stash to a local mama twice now. I'm hoping my letdown will ease up in the coming weeks, but I did get some cool nursing cups that catch leaks so I can save the milk instead of throwing it away in nursing pads. They feel a little weird to start, but I'm adjusting to them and am excited to be saving a little more milk.

Weight Loss: I'm stuck at a plateau again. I was loving our double jogging stroller until I hurt myself from doing too much too soon. It's definitely a workout pushing two kids up and down hills. I'm ready to get back into running, but apparently my body needs a little more time to heal. I'll be giving myself a few more weeks before I start pushing too hard again.

God Bless ♥︎ Victoria