Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Moving, Again.

Now that I've had almost 24 hours to process this, I can say with a lot of mixed emotions that we are moving, again. Yesterday, Hubs got a call requesting his leave packet for our PCS. To his knowledge we weren't going anywhere, since we have barely been at Fort Benning for a year. But sure enough, the Simmons family is heading to Fort Riley, KS in late January 2016.

This definitely came as a huge surprise, since we were under the impression that he would be finishing out the last two years of his contract here at Benning. Yet, this is the life. We will have been here for a total of 14 months when we leave.

I am feeling excited, sad, nervous, frustrated, and a slew of other emotions. He will be getting out of Tradoc, and moving back to a normal unit, which means more tank time. This makes my husband's heart happy. We'll be roughly the same distance from Michigan as we are now, which makes me happy. We'll get snow there, we are excited to travel, and we will get to experience a part of the nation that we've never seen before. But, we'll be leaving Benning.

I never thought I'd become this attached to a place that I was only at for a year, a place that we didn't really care to go to in the first place, a place that really hasn't been that great. But when I look at all we will be leaving, I am definitely feeling sad. We'll be leaving the house we brought James home to. We'll be leaving some great neighbors and an amazing church family. We'll be leaving our friends and Adalin's (who haven't already left for a PCS or ETS). We'll be leaving some great local shops that I love going to. We'll be leaving the hospital that James was born in. We'll be leaving our amazingly huge yard in the boonies, and adapting to on-post living. We'll be leaving the "Chattapoochie" river, and all Adalin's jokes about it. There is so much I have enjoyed about this place, I can honestly say that I'll be sad to leave, especially this soon.

I'm frustrated that I'll be moving my business once more, after finally feeling settled here like I wanted. It has only been the last couple months that I've felt like I had built an awareness and decent clientele. It had been a rough year getting started in this area, and now I am faced with doing it again. While it certainly stinks... this is the life.

I'm doing my best to focus on the positive, and work through all the steps to make this PCS go smoothly. We will be letting the Army move us this time, unlike last time when we moved ourselves with the help of family. Since we have a 15+ hour drive to Riley, we will be breaking up the drive and do some sight seeing. We're going to stop in Memphis and probably somewhere in Missouri. I'm excited to cross a few more states off my list that I never thought I'd go to, like Arkansas. Moving on post, after having such an enormous yard, is going to be a big adjustment- especially for the dogs. But we will take it in stride, and look forward to good times in the future.